About us

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Who we are

We are a young and vibrant company shaking up the eyewear industry one pair of glasses at a time. As one of the first online prescription eyewear retailers, we’ve been at the forefront of challenging previously held notions of buying glasses. We are continuously fostering great relationships with our customers by:

  • Providing fair, transparent and affordable prices
  • Providing a large variety of brands and styles
  • Offering solutions to traditional issues when buying online

Our history

MyOptique Group started in 2004 with the creation of Glasses Direct. Since then, a lot has changed…


Our Group

As a Group we want to always provide our customers with impeccable service while improving their online shopping experience. We continuously do this by:

  • Introducing new features onsite to help customers shop online
  • Providing them unbeatable offers all year round with top quality products
  • Continuously improving our warehouse and delivery logistics infrastructure

Because of these innovations, we are constantly growing and looking for ways in which we can develop and expand further. We are now able to continue with this thanks to partnerships and collaborations with larger groups like Essilor and Luxottica.