Eyewear Lucky Dip

Bundles of fun

On Friday 10th August, the London office took part in a lucky dip to raise money for local charity, Moorfields Eye Charity. They managed to raise a whopping £186!

The mission was simple. To take part, everyone had to donate £2. After this, people put their hands into one of two boxes and pulled out a bundle containing two pieces of eyewear – without peeping or double-dipping. These bundles were extra enticing as they were filled with designer pieces like Ray-Ban®, Prada, Chanel, Oakley, and popular house brands like Scout and London Retro.

All for a good cause

The lucky dip an excellent opportunity to raise money for a good cause (many people participated more than once) and to distract the office from work for a short while. Though everyone took part and had a good time, it wasn’t just the prospect of getting their hands on designer eyewear for just £2 that made the afternoon enjoyable. It was also the unexpected like picking out styles that didn’t suit; lens-less glasses, frame-less ski goggles, as well as glasses with old customer prescriptions. Despite these mini mishaps, it was all in the name of a good cause and like we mentioned above, we raised £186.

About Moorfields Eye Charity

Moorfields Eye Charity raises money to support the Moorfields Eye Hospital based in East London. Founded in 1805, Moorfields Eye Hospital continues to make a huge difference to patients and people with sight problems around the world. The money raised by Moorfields Eye Charity helps with cutting edge research, as well as providing and developing new treatments to previously blinding diseases.